Bluewater Profiler

Values – The Bluewater Traveller

Exploring new places, experiencing new adventures, and sharing moments can be a very special experience. For a Bluewater guest, they have certain values and we respect that they stay true to these values.

These can be emotional journeys or a chance to catch up with friends and family. The Bluewater experience is like no other, and with a 25% repeat guest rate, we want to make sure we provide you with your trip of a lifetime...each time you join us! We guarantee that no two trips are ever the same.


What type of travel values would a Bluewater guest have?

Searching for wildlfeConstant Exploration
Always thinking about a new adventure. A need for the exciting & exotic.
  Travelling CompanionsCompanion Experience
Travel with like-minded people.

Ancient totems
Learning Travel
Like to learn everything about a place, time, and culture.
  Viewing the fallsEnjoy Nature
Enjoy vast natural settings and wonders.

Guest in Queen Charlotte IslandsCultural Immersion
Prefer integration into local culture
  Learning to SailPersonal Development
Seek self-improvement through understanding others.