The Joy of Sailing

There is nothing like the feeling of sailing – being pushed over the sea by wind alone. The experience varies from gently bubbling along in lake-like calm, to the exhilaration of larger winds that make the ship hum with excitement. Sailing is an opportunity for guests to become involved in the operation of the ship. You are invited to take a turn steering, or help hauling on a line. The Captain is a happy to explain the finer points of sailing. Or... just choose to lie out on the bow and enjoy staring up at the sails.

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Best Itineraries for Sailing

Poles at SGang Gwaay  

Haida Gwaii/Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve

Travel May - August focusing on Haida Culture and the amazing marine life along the edge of Canada's Continental Shelf.

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North Coast/ Khutyzeymateen

May/ June offers some of the very best bear viewing in British Columbia in Canada's only grizzly bear sanctuary.

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Orcas, Totems & Grizzlies

Join us in August to explore the protected waters of Johnstone Strait to the heart of orca territory. An amazing variety of wildlife awaits.

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New Trip: Whales & Totems of Blackfish Sound

We have added a new, 5-day itinerary to the 2018 season! Fall, on the BC coast, usually brings great weather. Johnstone Strait, Queen Charlotte Strait and Blackfish Sound are core feeding grounds for humpback whales, Pacific white-sided dolphins, and northern resident (salmon-eating) orcas. A perfect voyage to try out our new flagship yacht, SV  Island Solitude!

two pacific white-sided dolphins   orca with a salmon   Frindly Humpback Hecate 2013_ Rachel Elliott
Photo: R Burke   Photo: Jenny Varley   Photo: Rachel Elliott

Trip details

October 16 - 20, 2018
October 21 - 25, 2018

Vessel: SV  Island Solitude
Start & Finish - Port McNeill, BC
  5 days - $3650 per person
+ $100 sustainability fee + 5% GST = CAD $ 3937.50

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Rubber Boot Diaries - blog entry


“Walk softly, Tread carefully, and listen”…

by Randy Burke

SGang Gwaay – previously named Ninstints (after one of the village chiefs) is an ancient Haida village, located on Anthony Island, at the southern end of Haida Gwaii. Accessible only by boat or plane, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and contained within the National Park Reserve and Heritage Site, Gwaii Haanas. But even if it didn’t boast all the formerly mentioned credentials, it would still remain one of the most magical places on our coast.


Quotes from You...

A spectacular, life renewing trip around Gwaii Haanas. Can’t imagine any better way to see such a magical part of our coast
R.B. British Columbia

About the most restful and exhilarating vacation I’ve ever had – tough job to be both!
D. B, California
Nutritious, tasty, beautifully presented and perfectly prepared – liked the emphasis on fresh
M.A. Iowa

Title Photo: Captain Neil Shearar - Khutzeymateen Grizzly Sanctuary