Responsible Tourism

The “environment” is the very thing that Bluewater Adventures explores and promotes. We visit local communities who invite us into their traditional territories, their shops and their homes. So it comes as no surprise that we feel a certain responsibility to protect these environments.

We have befriended travelers from around the world who share the same sense of responsibility, brought together by the fascination of nature and the awe-inspired energy that envelopes each one of us as we embark on our journey of discovery. One such person is a local writer and biologist, Leslie Anthony, who joined us aboard Island Solitude in June to explore the waters of Haida Gwaii. World Oceans Day happened to fall during the trip, which made this particular beach clean up even more epic – read more here.

Bear Viewing Stand   Bubble-net feeding humpback whales   Bear Viewing Responsibly

Due to magnificent tidal currents, the Pacific Ocean deposits a myriad of debris on Haida Gwaii’s shores.  Our Crew and guests often collect any debris that doesn’t belong and Parks Canada provides us with burlap sacks for the activity.  Beyond Bluewater’s efforts to keep coastal areas pristine, we measure fuels, crew travel, waste and recyclables to see where any excesses can be trimmed or eliminated. Minimizing our operational footprint has always been at the center of the Company – even before being “eco” hit mainstream consciousness.  

Bluewater is a Carbon Neutral company that makes responsible travel our first order of business. The health of the environment directly impacts our success, but business aside – it’s the right thing to do!

Read more about Bluewater Adventures’ green initiatives.

Haida Gwaii Beach and Roamer Zodiac  

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