Southeast Alaska - A Pictorial

  Alaska - Land of the Midnight Sun. Although we don't travel far enough north to experience round the clock sunshine, this itinerary is no less spectacular. One thing that we have learned over the many years exploring this coast is that seasons bring similar patterns in coastal wildlife viewing, but you can never count on it being the same.

This year, Frederick Sound was off the "bubble-net feeding charts" with many experiences of the co-operative feeding technique used by only some humpback whales. Biologists believe that bubble-net feeding is a "learned behaviour". 

Southeast: Bubblenet Feeding; Paul GoldstienMultiple humpback whales bubble-net feeding. Photo: P Goldstein   Breaching Humpback SEA; Paul Goldstein photoBeauty of a breach!! Photo: P Goldstein

One departure hosted a photo group from the UK and the planets aligned with wonderful weather, calm waters and once in a lifetime photographic opportunities. Like they say - pictures say a thousand words - thanks to Paul Goldstein (@paulgoldstein) for this collection!

Sailing into the Sunset: Paul GoldsteinSailing into the sunset. photo: P Goldstein   Sailing SOutheast Alaska with Bluewater AdventuresWe sail when we can. photo: P Goldstein   Looking Back - tenders Pual GoldsteinTenders take us ashore  photo: p Goldstein

It was a dry start to July with salmon arriving to spawn and some rivers too shallow to navigate. This can all change in an afternoon of heavy rain - which it did, prompting the bears to arrive with serious appetites. Overall, Southeast Alaska saw a very strong pink salmon run and the bears at both Anan Creek and Pack Creek clearly reaped the rewards.

Bear glare - Paul GoldsteinBear stare perfectly captured photo: P Goldstein   Mum and cub grizzly Anan Creek: Paul GoldsteinBrown bear (grizzly) Mum and cub at Anan Creek Photo: P Goldstein

Southeast Alaska remains as one of Bluewater Adventures' most prolific wildlife expeditions with outstanding scenery from tidewater glaciers to emerald-green grottoes. Sunsets that change your surroundings to an other-worldly, hot pink has to be experienced to be truly understood.

Glacier Mood Southeast Alaska; Paul Goldstein"Mood". Iconic Southeast Alaska Photo  P Goldstein  

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